How to Decrystallize Honey

Crystallized Honeyhoney 

Sometimes we can’t use up all of our honey and over time it crystallizes and became cloudy and kind of hard. But there is an easy fix for this. Here’s how.

Grab a deep saucepan and fill it with water. Grab your jar of honey and remove the lid from the jar. This method doesn’t necessarily work with plastic honey bears, so if you are going to use plastic containers, make sure it is heat safe. Regular honey-bears or plastic containers will melt using this method… and they will melt if you microwave them too.

Place the jar into the water and bring it to a very low simmer, just until some bubbles start to form below the jar and on the pan. Make sure the water level doesn’t go above the honey level as to not heat the glass jar.

As the honey begins to heat up and soften up, use a large spoon to start to break up the larger pieces of crystallized honey. Do this occasionally until all of the crystals have broken up and the honey becomes smooth again.

Carefully lift the jar out of the water and allow it to cool completely before covering the jar and storing it.

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