How to Shuck Oysters


For people who love raw oysters like their life depended on it – shucking is how you open them up. For those who want to cook their oysters, you can open them up first, or apply some heat to them and they will naturally open.

Procure a shucker. Do not use a knife.

Find the narrow end of the oyster, where the muscle is.

Wrap your hand with a towel and FIRMLY grip the fluted and frilly, wide end of the oyster. Also make sure the cupped or bowled side of the oyster is facing downward. The flat side of the oyster should be facing upward.

Wedge the shucker into muscle, and wiggle it until it starts to penetrate the shell. Once it does, twist your wrist to help pry the oyster open. Once it pops open, run the blade along the top of the shell to dislodge the additional muscle that connects the oyster to the shell.

Remove the flat top shell, and run the blade along the bottom bowl of the oyster shell to remove the other side of that muscle that connects the oyster to the shell. The oyster should then kind of move freely in the shell.

Once you’ve shucked the oysters top each oyster in his little oyster shell with a little butter and drizzle with garlic sauce.

If you don’t have access to a fire with a grill during the winter months – take them to your gas grill!! They will be just as tasty. Let them heat over the fire until the liquid starts to boil and the oysters are no longer opaque. Carefully remove from the grill onto a plate – and let them cool for a second.

All the work of oyster shucking is totally worth it. And if shucking oysters for just a few on the grill isn’t worth it – you can always lay them on your grill – rounded, cupped side down – and they will open naturally. Then you can gently spoon in your butter or sauce in then. It’s just easier with them all the way open.


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