New Orleans Muffulettas


History of the Muffuletta Who created the first muffuletta is a matter of dispute, but food critic and historian Gene Bourg uncovered a likely scenario. He interviewed elderly Sicilians who lived in the French Quarter for many years. “They told me vendors used to sell them on the streets as did Italian groceries,” he says. The name refers to the shape of the bread. ‘Muffulett’ means ‘little muffin.’ Italian bakers made muffuletta loaves and sold them to Italian delis. The delis then wrapped the sandwiches in the same paper the bread came in so the sandwich took on the name.. Muffulettas are staples for Mardi Gras celebrations.


2 cups Olive Salad

1 (16-ounce) French bread loaf, split horizontally

1/2 pound sliced hard salami

1/2 pound sliced cooked ham

6 Swiss cheese slices

6 thin provolone cheese slices 


Spread 1 cup Olive Salad evenly on bottom half of bread; layer as desired with salami, ham, and cheeses, and spread with remaining Olive Salad. Cover with bread top. Cut crosswise into sandwiches.

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