Cast Iron important tips to remember

Always preheat your cast-iron pan before adding the food you want to cook.

With a cast iron pan, you can begin your recipe on the stovetop, and then move it to the oven to finish.

Do not use a cast-iron pan in your microwave. If you do, you will ruin your pan and also your microwave oven. The fireworks display that will result will not be worth the cleanup and replacement cost.

The first most common mistake of why people do not like cast iron is that they say everything sticks. If food sticks to your cast-iron pan, your pan is NOT seasoned right and you need to re-season it. Cast iron is a natural non-stick surface and if your pan is seasoned correctly it WILL NOT stick!

Cast Iron Pans and Skillets  Choose the size most comfortable for you. I recommend the 10-inch cast iron frying pan as it’s the best tradeoff of size and weight.


Iron Griddles Do you want to make the greatest pancakes you’ve ever eaten? Want your French toast to have that crispy edge so prized at breakfast time? You need to get a cast-iron griddle pan and get it good and hot on the stovetop.


Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Before anyone ever thought of a crock pot, there was the cast-iron Dutch oven. Dutch ovens have been used for hundreds of years. Nothing will hold a good, even temperature better than the heavy metal of this monster pot, and it can go from stovetop to oven to campfire without missing a beat.



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